T1 - Bayesovská štatistika
A1 - Pázman, Andrej
JA - Obzory matematiky, fyziky a informatiky
Y1 - 2004
VL - 33
IS - 1
SP - 1
EP - 14
SN - 1335-4981
N2 - The basic aim of the paper is to put attention of the teachers to the historically
first statistcal theory - the Bayesian statistics. The paper starts by simple arguments
in favour of the statment that probability helps to detect the causes of emprical facts.
Some basic properties of the Bayes formula are presented on an elementary level: the
chain rule, the possibility to detect the true cause after a largte number of observations,
the necessity to have some prior knowledge for understanding an empirical event, the
subjective nature of the prior. On simple examples the paper shows that the information
content of an empirical fact depends also on the prior knowledge of the observer of the
fact. The relation of Bayesian statistics to classical statistics is considered to a certain
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