T1 - Experimentálne potvrdenie vlnových vlastností elektrónov
A1 - Kecskés, Arpád
JA - Obzory matematiky, fyziky a informatiky
Y1 - 2007
VL - 36
IS - 4
SP - 35
EP - 43
SN - 1335-4981
N2 - This year we commemorate the 80-th anniversary of experimental verification of electron waves interference. This experiment was carried out by Davisson and Germer who had experimentally investigated the electron diffraction on the surface of nickel monocrystal. Independently from them, in the same year (1927), the wave properties of electrons were proved by the English physicist G.P. Thomson, the son of J.J. Thomson, who discovered the corpuscular properties of electrons. The year 2007 is also the 70-th anniversary of the Nobel Prize Award for G.J. Davisson and L.H. Germer, as well as for G.P. Thomson, whose father was awarded with the Nobel prize 40 years earlier for the discovery of the particular properties of electrons. We consider the commemoration of these discoveries very important, since these experiments represent a significant landmark in the history of physics and have set the fundamentals of modern quantum theory.
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