title = {Jeden pohl’ad na obsah matematického vzdelávania v primárnej škole na Slovensku od roku 1989 po súčasnosť},
author = {Scholtzová, Iveta},
journal = {Obzory matematiky, fyziky a informatiky},
year = {2013},
volume = {42},
number = {2},
pages = {19--26},
issn = {1335-4981},
abstract = {Content of mathematical education in primary school in Slovakia has been affected by the two curricular changes in recent twenty year: new curriculum for primary stage mathematics introduced in 1995 and the new law on State Programme of Education (National Curriculum) passed in 2008. Both steps meant on the one hand a certain reduction of the scope of mathematical syllabus in the first four years of elementary schooling, but, on the other hand the mathematical instruction has been enriched by some new themes.},