title = {O tom ako Juraj názorne vysvetľuje svojmu mladšiemu bratovi Michaelovi funkciu mikrovlnnej rúry},
author = {Baník, Rastislav},
journal = {Obzory matematiky, fyziky a informatiky},
year = {2004},
volume = {33},
number = {2},
pages = {34--36},
issn = {1335-4981},
abstract = {Microwave oven is nowadays used almost everywhere. Our school physics does not devote attention to the main principle of microwave oven. This paper suggests some half-way solution. This can be explained at least in simple way as peer-to-peer instruction. This small article should give a useful advice, to many teachers too. Such interpretation of the first level and stage can be understood as a small step to humanization of physics.},