title = {Význam matematiky a fyziky pre spoločnosť},
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issn = {1335-4981},
abstract = {Impact of Mathematics and Physics on Society. Impact of mathematics and physics on society consists in tree areas - in their applicability to technical problems, in their influence on culture of thought and in their influence on ethics.
The greater is the pace of innovation in the industry the greater is importance of the sciences. That is because the knowledge how the things should be done must be replaced by knowledge how the thinks work.
A witty definition of education says that it is that "what remains when all is forgotten". Accordingly, in case of mathematics what should remain is understanding that the relations between things do not depend on our willing. And that there are causal relations between the things and phenomena - is the main what should remain from physics.
This knowledge has also a moral effect: understanding that my being is in interaction with other beings and things. And filling that my acts have consequences.